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Why would a Man Adult Nurse in the First Place?
Part I

Why would a man seek out and enter into an adult nursing relationship in the first place? It is easy to understand why a woman would expend the time and effort to induce lactation and breast feed; lactation and breast feeding are among the most natural instincts of a woman's psycho-physiological essence. However, for a man, once the age of weaning has been reached, he seems to never again experience the need to breast feed on a daily basis. A man's daily routine is most often dictated by his need for income and personal enjoyment, so why would a seemingly normal adult male, alter his daily schedule, to lay at a woman's breast at the same time each day? After the initial curiosity of adult breast feeding has worn off, what unique recompense does a man derive at the breast of his soul mate; that he can find in no other relationship?

The most obvious conclusion to this quandary would be sexual prowess and sexual pleasure. However, as pleasure filled as nipple suckling may be during foreplay, it is only a temporary pleasure and peripheral to the overall male/female sexual relationship. Sexual prowess and sexual pleasure are probably not sufficient reasons for a man to commit to a relationship, which requires a rigid daily schedule of multiple nursing sessions to create and maintain. The instinct to copulate with females, and reproduce the species, is one of the four basic instincts of men; so if it isn't sexual prowess that drives a man to lay at the breast of his soul mate, perhaps it is something far more profound.

In truth, there are probably as many reasons to adult nurse, as there are adult males seeking to breast feed; however, in this article, I am going speak only from my own perspective, based on my own personal observations and experiences in life. To understand why a man, such as myself, might seek out and maintain an adult nursing relationship, we first have to examine, not only the unique incorporeal bond that develops between adult nursing soul mates, but also the essence of our own metaphysical existence.

Existence is based on incorporeal, (metaphysical), energy; existing at every place, at every time. We are in reality metaphysical entities existing in physical bodies. While life, as unique physical individuals, has given us independent thought, it has also, unfortunately, isolated us metaphysically. Most people are oblivious to the concept that anything exists beyond the known physical universe. There are, however, a few women who have the evolved metaphysical ability to open themselves and channel this incorporeal energy. Most often, the ability to open one's self, metaphysically, and channel energy is spontaneous and uncontrollable, except when a woman is lactating. While breast feeding, some women are able to open themselves and channel their energy at will. When a nursing couple is also psychically compatible soul mates, the woman is able to open herself, metaphysically, and channel her energy, while her male partner is able to focus and direct the flow of energy. During this experience, both soul mates become at one with all things that exist at every place, at all times; time and distance are irrelevant in the incorporeal existence.

The understanding, of to what end, this symbiotic metaphysical nexus between psychically compatible soul mates, may be realized by understanding how this phenomena evolved in the first place. The male/female monogamous psychic bond began to form at a time in our prehistory when the most basic of human instincts began to develop.

Prehistory life on this planet was brutal and treacherous for humans, particularly so for females with offspring. Women and children aggregated mainly in groups and small villages, depending on the social structure of the community for subsistence and survival, while men assumed the role of provider and defender. Men were often gone for long periods on hunts and battles, leaving women to develop their own unique social skills. During this early period of human evolution, women, by necessity, developed communal social skills. Women learned to work together in groups for the common good of the community; civilization, as we know it today, evolved from the basic instincts of early woman.

While prehistory woman developed the selfless communal instincts of giving and nurturing, man developed the solitary instincts of hunters and warriors. Even though vastly different, through necessity, the instincts of both men and women, (and the need for each other), became symbiotic; one depending on the other for survival. Even today, women, by instinct, will generally work together as a group to accomplish a task, while men, by instinct, even in the most organized of endeavors, will contribute to the whole as a group of individuals.

So how does this diversity of instincts between men and women relate to a woman's ability to channel metaphysical energy. In prehistory, even when hunts were successful, and battles were victorious, men sometimes got hurt, and in many cases, psychological damage of battle could be even more devastating than physical injuries. Injured and exhausted, the one place that early man would always return, to heal his wounds and regenerate his strength, was to a woman: his mate. A woman who had lost her mate became particularly vulnerable; it was during this period that woman began to developed the unique ability to open herself and link, metaphysically, with her mate; healing and regenerating him with her own life energy. Her wealth and survival depended on the strength and survival of her mate. Through necessity, psychic coalescence had evolved!

Although possible, there is, of course, no evidence, that early man breast fed from his mate; however, there is in recorded history, references of great warriors who laid at the breast of their women to regenerate their strength before battle. A woman's unique ability to metaphysically coalesce with her soul mate, to heal and regenerate him with her own incorporeal energy, not only can make a man strong, it can make him almost invincible.

Unfortunately, during the middle ages through ignorance, psychic coalescence and psychic ability, (particularly psychic ability in women), became feared, seen as emanating from evil. Through fear and ignorance, ordinary women with normal metaphysical talents were sometimes branded witch, and put to death by horrible methods. The consequence of this dark period in human evolution, was to cause women to suppress their normal metaphysical talents; as a result, today, relatively few women are still able to channel their metaphysical energy at will. The metaphysical bonding that occurs between a man and woman today, is most often, spontaneous and uncontrollable. The ability of a woman to open herself and heal her mate is all but lost.

Even though we are long evolved from prehistoric man, defending his territory and foraging for food, there are a few evolved men, who still carry the need for metaphysical coalescence with a psychically compatible soul mate. However, the need to coalesce with one's mate, has evolved well past the simple need to heal and regenerate for another day of survival. Much of our daily life is still dictated by the unnoticed subconscious instincts of our prehistoric ancestors. By nature, men are aggressive and competitive; we compete for everything, promotions at work, a place in traffic on the freeway, even for a place in line at the supermarket. Unfortunately, no victory is without cost; at the end of the day, men everywhere return to home, mentally and emotionally exhausted, needing to heal and regenerate. It is the wise couple that has learned to coalesce psychically, regenerating and renewing their bond in the shroud of adult nursing.

Obviously, psychic coalescence with one's soul mate can be achieved outside of an adult nursing relationship, so why focus on lactation and breast feeding? During the moments that a woman is breast feeding, with milk flowing from her breasts, her subconscious mental state is parallel to the subconscious mental state that is requisite to metaphysical coalescence between soul mates. For many couples, adult nursing is a way of relearning the forgotten ability of psychic healing and regenerating.

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